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The sport of fencing will use your body and mind in a competitive nature while developing discipline, coordination, and the ability to think on your feet.  Fencing is compared to the game of chess and is often referred to as “physical chess.”  It teaches you to use your body as well as your mind to analyze your opponent’s moves and respond in a coordinated way to be the best you can be while trying to out maneuver your opponent. 


Fencing is a sport that will work every part of your body.  You will use all of your muscles and get a great cardiovascular workout.  It is a fun and exciting way to keep you fit and toned.  Your mind is also being challenged every step of the way as you are constantly trying to thwart your opponent’s moves. 


Fencing will also teach a person how to be competitive: the art of winning and losing.  The individual dedication that is required in the sport of fencing develops one’s character and provides crucial life lessons applicable on and off the strip. 

Coach Karolyn

Karolyn Szot is an international fencer hailing from Tewksbury, New Jersey. Growing up she was a highly competitive fencer on the east coast and trained under Olympian Marcos Lucchetti (Lucchetti Fencing USA) . She traveled with him to Italy to train with their Junior World Cup team.


In high school she was a two-time New Jersey Interscholastic Fencing Association All-State team member ... Voted New Jersey Star Ledger News All-State as a junior and senior ... Earned Skyland Conference, All-Conference honors in 2005 & 2006 ... Finished first at 2005 USFA New Jersey Garden State Games in women's open foil ... Qualified for USFA Women's Foil Summer Nationals all four years of high school, in college, as well as this past year ... Voted Most Outstanding Fencer of Voorhees High School as a junior and senior ... Awarded Voorhees high school Student Coach Award.


After her high school success she was recruited to Northwestern University and fenced on the varsity team. In her last North American Cup she ranked #17. She loves to work with kids. Karolyn currently lives in Los Angeles and directs and produces children's content. Recently she directed a 13 episode TV series and a one hour special, "The Dreamsters" for KCET and Comcast VOD. She also directed a 26 episodes series, "Shushybye Baby," which airs on Netflix and is on Baby First TV broadcasted on DIRECTV, Dish Network, Time-Warner and Charter, and throughout Europe, Asia, Latin American and the Middle East.


Karolyn loves to work with kids and is really passionate about the sport of fencing. She credits 'fencing' for a lot of her success. It empowered her at an early age to be determined, driven, and focused on her goals.


Karolyn founded Silverlake Fencing in 2014. She is excited to teach her students the skills they need to compete in the sport and provide fun lessons! It is also her mission to train and develop good fencers and inspire her students to take on the world!

Karolyn has recently fenced and promoted the sport on the ABC7 Morning Show, Univision, Buzzfeed, Refinery29's show "Be A Badass,” a Reese’s Olympic commercial, and she was apart of the Los Angeles Olympic bid presentation at Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 2017 inauguration.

Karolyn lunging in fencing pamphlet


Karolyn (right) lunging at the mayor's ignauguration

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